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If you like jpop, jrock, kpop and anime series OST39;s, this is your application. Enjoy the best streaming music stations with your favorite style.IMPORTANT: There39;s a glitch with some mobile phone brands LG and Samsung. This app may not work in your device. Blame the manufacturer, not me ; I39;d like to thank DeviantART users maxwindy and FufuwaChan for allowing me to use their wonderful illustrations. Thank you very much ;Permissions required:1. INTERNETUsed by the Mobclix android SDK to fetch advertisements.2. READPHONESTATEUsed to access a unique identifier that some ad networks require to track impressions.The reason some of them choose not to use ANDROIDID for unique identification is this compandroidissuesdetail?id106033. ACCESSNETWORKSTATEUsed to determine the type of network state for analytics and optimized ad serving.4. MODIFYAUDIOSETTINGSNeeded to enable the phone speaker and solve some problems with some smartphone models.5. WRITEEXTERNALSTORAGENeeded to read and write the favorites file.



Version: 1.13

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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