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Are You a Student?
If yes, this is the app every student would love to have!!
Keep a track of your own attendance and always fulfill the attendance criterion for your school/college.
Key Features:
* No need to manually enter the number of subjects and subject names, just enter the full timetable and the app figures out the rest.
* Automatically loads the timetable for the day on the Start screen.
* No need to manually save attendance every time, just mark the lecture as Present/Absent/Cancelled and leave the rest for the app.
* Add extra Lecture for any subject at any time.
* Set Minimum Attendance Criterion for your school/college.
* Calculates the attendance percentage for each subject.
* Automatically calculates how many lectures you can afford to miss.
* Automatically calculates how many lectures you need to attend to reach the minimum attendance criterion.
* View the entire timetable at ease.
* Access previous dates to mark its attendance.
* View the attendance history of each subject with date and time.
* Simple and easy to use.
* Improved UI for better user experience.
* Completely ad-free and no In-app Purchases.
Use this app, never stay short of attendance, and Enjoy...!!



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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