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Get your phone to speak email , text from web pages, or anything else you wantAudible Share is a simple application that allows you to TextToSpeech TTS enable other applications.If you have any ideas on how Audible Share can be improved, let me know at works by using the common Share command to sent text to Audible Share. Depending on your settings, it will then be spoken immediately.Particularly useful to speak out a received email in cases where you may not be able to look at the screen. Use caution and your own discretion while drivingIt works great with K9 Mail a great free email application and SVox Classic not free but they have many amazing sounding voices in many languages.It39;s also possible to CopyPaste the text into the application.Also a lot of fun to get your phone to speak any phrase you wish it too. Can make for some good jokes or pranks Permissions are required for advertisements and the text entered is in no way stored or transmitted anywhere.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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