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You have been blessed with a baby! It is now time to choose a perfect name for your new bundle of joy.
We bring you a FREE Islamic app for Muslim baby names and meanings. This app comes with a large offline collection of Islamic baby names. The baby names range from unique to most popular Muslim names.
Naming your child with a good Islamic name is important. Muslims must choose a name that has a virtuous meaning, which will benefit and bring blessings to their little child throughout his/her life. Such names include names of Prophets, names of Ummahaat-ul-Moemineen, names combined with Asma-ul-Husna (Names of Allah), historical names or unique Arabic names. Also, it is important to avoid keeping names for your babies that have been disliked in Islam.
Our brand new app lets you do the following:
Search across a list of over 50,000 names for Boys / Girls baby names, separately as per your requirement
View meaning for your selected name
Directly search baby names alphabetically, based on specific starting letters from(A- Z)
Create list of your Favourite names
Download this application on your Android phone today, to choose a name with a beautiful meaning for your new born angels…You will surely find a name you can keep for your Beautiful GIRL or Little HERO!



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 2.3 or later


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