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Your Complete Guide to Ball Exercises #1 number one
The Ball Exercises application contains everything you need to know if you want to workout using ball exercises.
You'll find information on:
- Ball Exercises - Review more than 40 ball exercises
- Workout Routines for ball exercises
- Benefits of using ball exercises when working out
- Equipment required to perform ball exercises
- Techniques used to correctly perform ball exercises
- Detailed Safety Precautions to take when doing ball exercises
- Brief History of ball exercises
more than 40 Ball Exercises
You'll find more than 40 ball exercises on this application , organized by the main muscle group each targets. Also, the ball exercises available here are presented illustrations to show you the correct starting position as well as the movements involved.
To access the database of ball exercises, simply click on the menu items. you can navigate between item
Complete List of Ball Exercises
This application provides activities to every ball exercise.
Ball exercises are grouped based on the main muscle group they mainly target.
Clicking on each exercise will bring you to an activity where you can review detailed by photo
Make your selection from the list of ball exercises below:
Ball Exercises for Abs (Abdomininals)
Upper and Lower Abdominals, Obliques
Ball Crunch
Ball Crunch - Legs Elevated
Ball Reverse Crunch
Ball Side Crunch
Ball Sit-Up
Ball Jacknife
Ball Ab Rollout
Ball Table Top
Ball Bridge T Fall-Off
Ball Exercises for the Chest
Upper, Lower, Inner, and Outer Pectorals
Ball Dumbbell Press
Ball Dumbbell Press - Incline
Ball Push Up
Ball Push Up - on Knees
Ball Push Up - Feet Up
Ball Chest Fly
Ball Chest Fly - One-at-a-Time
Ball Bear Hugs
Ball Exercises for Shoulders
Inner, Outer, and Rear Deltoids
Ball Rear Deltoid Row
Ball Rear Deltoid Raise - Elbows Bent
Ball Rear Deltoid Raise - Lying Sideways
Ball Scapular Protraction
Ball Shoulder Rotation
Ball Exercises for the Back
Upper and Lower Lats; Lower Back and Trapezius
Ball Hyperextension
Ball Hyperextension - Reverse
Ball Row - Upside-Down
Ball Bridge
Ball Arm-Leg Extension - Alternating
Ball Exercises for Legs
Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Inner Thighs, Hips and Calves
Ball Squat - on Wall
Ball Squat - on Wall; Weighted
Ball Squat - on Wall; Sideways; One-Legged
Ball Squat - One-Legged
Ball Hip Abduction
Ball Hip Adduction
Ball Leg Curl
Ball Reverse Leg Curl
Ball Squeeze - Sitting
Ball Squeeze - Lying
Ball Reverse Bridge
Ball Calf Raise
Ball Calf Raise - One-Legged
Ball Toe Raise
Ball Exercises for Arms
Biceps, Triceps, Inner and Outer Forearms
Ball Biceps Curl - Standing
Ball Biceps Curl - on Knees, One-at-a-Time
Ball Triceps Extension
Ball Triceps Extension - Standing
Ball Triceps Extension - Weighted
Ball Wrist Curl



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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