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Biographies are only of famous people and they sell out too. Famous people have achieved success and fame by using their intricate ideas to achieve the money and recognition.
Famous people share their biographies because they have their beautiful struggled, half failed but faith till strong successes to share with the whole wide world. These people are motivational speakers to motivate the masses out there and help people who are struggling. They explain everything that happened in their life from A-Z to achieve the status they acquired over the years, the pains, sufferings, rejections, fights and wins.
Those incidents explained helps us give a wider image of what a different person would do in the situation and same you can think what would you do if you were there and achieve success. Once success hits it hits hard so it's important to be down to the earth and spread the word about your achievements and ways to tackles things to get going well.
So, we are here to share the life stories of the very famous American politician, Barack Obama who served as the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. Obama has also won the prestigious Nobel Peace prize in 2009.
Here are some of the topics which will give you an insight into his life
Who Is Barack Obama
Early Life
Law Career
Entry Into Illinois Politics
U.S. Senate Career
2008 Presidential Election
First 100 Days
2010 State of the Union
Challenges and Successes
2012 Re-Election
Second Term
International Challenges
Domestic Policies and Problems
Managing Foreign Crises
Presidency After 2014 Elections
Supreme Court Victories
Iran Nuclear Deal
Clean Power Plan
2015 Paris Climate Conference
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