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Mathematics is a subject that is often considered intimidating for some people. Whereas the core of how mathematics is used to practice questions. From that reason, we tried to create an application to help students in order to study mathematics more fun.
Elementary mathematics learning is an application to practice math compiled based classes and Chapter. This application has a number of problems are not limited, so we learn Mathematics memunkinkan without feeling bored, because the questions that appear constantly changing with the difficulty level starting from the easiest.
This application has an answer key that is displayed with the steps are easy to understand. Students are expected to learn on their own when they have new problems with the help of the key answers.
Learning Mathematics Elementary currently logged into version 1:10 (October 31, 2016). Some of the facilities available in this application include:
1. Chapter basic calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).
2. Section Class III:
    + Line Numbers
    + Measurement Weight
    + Measuring Length
    + Currency
    + Square and
    + Rectangle.
3. Section Class IV
    + Numbers Roman
    + Rounding Numbers
    + Estimated Numbers
    Multiples + Small Guild (KPK)
    + Factor Large Guild (FPB).
    + Numbers Fractions (Conversion and calculation operations)
    + Numbers Percent (Conversion)
4. Each question comes with an answer key and the steps are easy to understand.
5. The addition of a timer when solving problems.
6. Profile page to display the progress and the ability of students to each chapter.
7. Some Chapters are equipped with a calculator. This menu serves to add about and then the application will display jawabab and steps of completion.
The chapters are equipped with a calculator facility include a chapter Integer, Fractions Numbers, Numbers and Factoring Percent Numbers (KPK and FPB).
Let's jointly develop this application in order to be better and more comprehensive to help the younger generation we Math more fun.
We received a request / requests to add chapters, type of question, answer key, etc. for this application.
Request can be sent via the website ( or facebook (



Version: 4

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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