Bird Sounds

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Bird Sounds
suitable for all age groups
- 80 high-quality popular bird sounds, calls, voices and bird images.
- Bird sounds for your entertainment and helps you relax after an hard day!
- Bird sounds is the perfect app to have a good time with your friends.
- Soothing music and sleep sounds for every one
- Absolutely relaxing for nature lovers
You can feel forest ambience and listen forest birds, tropical forest birds Australian king parrot, Australian magpie, Australian owletnightjar, barnowl, billedcuckoo, black faced cuckooshike, bluejay, brushcuckoo, canary, cardinal, chaffinch, common black bird, commonmyna, commonstarling, crimsonrosella, crow, eagle, fantailedcuckoo, figbird, galah, geese, greybutcherbird, hoopoe, koel, loon and much more.
This app has great photos of various birds along with their sounds. Very cool and cute. Enjoy!



Version: 1.12

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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