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Languages supported within the app: ENGLISH, GERMAN, HEBREW, ITALIAN, SPANISH
bitemojo offers self-guided food tours and food discovery experiences to explore a new city on your own, with nothing but your smartphone!
Encounter exciting destinations with an exceptional culinary experience, enjoying tastes of the best local cuisine. So taste the universe the “bite way” with bitemojo.
bitemojo is a state-of-the-art innovative tourism and travel application, offering individuals and small groups the means to experience cultures and values of new destinations by tasting the best of local food and discovering off-the-beaten track points of interest.
The bitemojo tour app encourages the user to explore independently –the cornerstone of the entire customer experience. With bitemojo, you take the lead, as you encounter the new destination. bitemojo provides a user-friendly map, featuring each route’s highlights. Follow the map, and you will meet the people behind the food, learn their stories, and understand their connections to both the treats they create and the venues where you meet them. Talk to them -- the locals makes each place what it is!
bitemojo’s culinary bites highlight the values of sustainability, authenticity, and living a healthy lifestyle. The bite experience also encourages customers to become self-reliant, while it promotes cross-cultural interpersonal communication. All of these components ramp up the experience for a more intense tour.
bitemojo is pleased to support small businesses in every locale where we are active.
With bitemojo, taste the universe and get ready for a unique food experience tour.
Currently available in the Berlin, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Rome, Barcelona, bitemojo will soon launch more exceptional culinary tours in more cities to come, so stay tuned!
App features:
* Downloadable tours into your device - wifi is not required for 99% of your tour.
* List of designed and developed culinary concept tours.
* Customization based on location, duration, distance, time of the day
* Rich gallery of bites, sellers and points of interest.
* Navigation system and instructions for individualized tours.
* “Magazine” with text, audio, and video on each bite and on each point of interest.
* Contractual agreement with all of the sellers.
* E-coupon system
* Review system (ranking, rating and sharing), combined with biteCredit incentives.
* Option to purchase bus tickets or rent bikes.
* Sharing options from within the tour screens
* Currency support
* Options to cash-out remaining bites and replaces bites on the go
At bitemojo, we want your feedback, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please reach out any time!
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What's New bitemojo - Eat your city!

* New features within the tour experience
* Safer and quicker payment gateway
* Bug fixes



Version: 1.5

Requires: Android 4.4 or later


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