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For you as the KPOP lovers, especially Black Pink, this Black Pink Wallpaper and Lock screen app provides more than 50+ pictures about Black Pink wallpapers.
Are you a BlackPink's Fan?
Are you Love Black Pink?
Do you want BlackPink's image to appear on your lock screen?
If you love Black Pink, This app is for you!
BlackPink pattern Lock screen it is one of the best secure app with pattern password.
Many BlackPink wallpaper that you can make the choice to make your wallpaper, these wallpapers were made special for you.
Main feature:
- Protect your phone with pattern passcode.
- Simple and clean design.
- Prevent every access by outsiders to your Smartphone.
- Easy to set free Black Pink wallpaper
- Easy to share Black Pink wallpapers with your friends.
- Provided numerous high resolution Black Pink wallpaper themes
- Many beautiful kawaii Black Pink pics to set wallpaper. You can watcher free Black Pink on your lock screen.
- Display real time clock and date.
- Support customization for free Black Pink lock screen and kawaii BlackPink wallpapers
• Enable/Disable Black Pink lock screen emoji
• Enable/Disable free Black Pink lock screen (If you disable or not enable Password then you just need slide to unlock lock screen)
• Change pattern password
• Change color of date/time on lock screen
• Change format for date time (12h or 24h)
• Support customized unlock sentence(default is "> Slide to unlock")
• Just select the photo from your album and make a personalised passcode screen easily.
• Set time to show for lock screen
• Easy to set BlackPink's image to wallpapers
• Easy to get clean and beautiful passcode page with a Lock Screen.
• Set custom background, theme, wallpaper for your lock screen
- Black Pink lock screen Free App For All Mobile Users.
- Black Pink lock screen is application works offline. No need to download wallpapers.
- Set your favorite Black Pink Wallpaper HD as your home screen background.
-Share your Black Pink pics via WhatApps, Instagram, Facebook, and other social network
- Black Pink lock screen include:
Black Pink wallpapers hd
Black Pink hd wallpaper
Black Pink wallpaper
Black Pink All Members wallpaper
Black Pink Jennie
Black Pink Lisa
Black Pink Jisoo
Black Pink Rose
Blackpink emoji/ BlackPink sticker
Lisa emoji, Rose emoji...
How to use app?
1. Download and install app on Google Play.
2. Open app and go to settings
3. Enable Black Pink Lock - Black Pink Pattern Lock Screen
4. Enable and set pattern pass code for lock
5. Change Black pink emoji for pattern lock screen
6. Go to "Change wallpaper" to change free Black Pink wallpaper on lock screen or set wallpaper
If you love Black Pink wallpaper, you tap the "plus" button, tap the "set as wallpaper" button to apply. Your wallpaper has been changed with Black Pink picture.
Let's make your phone look more beautiful with Black Pink lock screen and Black Pink wallpaper for your phone.
You can also directly apply the image you want to make wallpaper on your phone.
Download BlackPink Pattern Lock Screen: BlackPink Wallpaper and experience Now!
If you encounter any problems while using my application or would like to contribute to my application, you just feedback to my Gmail:
I will hard working for your problems or solution.
Your feedback is important with me. Submit your review!!
If you love this application, please give 5 stars to encourage developers..
Thank you so much!
This application is an unofficial fan based application.No copyright infringement is intended, and any request to remove one of the images/logos/names will be honored.
All the images are not under our Copyrights and belong to their respective owners. All Pictures have been taken from different sources, If any Graphic/Image/Photo is offensive or under your Copyrights PLEASE send us an E-mail to give it a credit or get it removed as you wish. Thank you so much!



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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