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Blogging has always been a good business but nowadays with advanced tools and many bloggers teaching digital marketing online, there are lakhs and lakhs of bloggers who write blogs daily in search of getting money, but it is very rare that these people are able to do their living through blogging. With traditional old methods getting outdated and new and powerful blogging tools coming in blogging is becoming more and more complicated.
Through Bloggerita, we plan to introduce blogging and vlogging to newer generation through some simple and detailed steps.
Here are some courses along the journey which will help you become a professional blogger or a Youtuber.
Basic Blogging tutorial
As the name suggests, it is a basic blogging tutorial for starters who want to make a blog but do not know where to start. This tutorial contains a step by step guide needed to start from nothing until you have a fully hosted website online. The tutorial is divided into total six steps and each step here is explained in detail and you will not have to refer anything else.
Advanced Blogging tutorial
If you have completed the basic blogging tutorial then now you are ready for Advanced blogging tutorial. Advanced blogging tutorial will guide you through the SEO and affiliate marketing of your blog. Here you will discover new ways to earn money. You will also be able to convert incoming traffic into money by affiliate marketing. This tutorial is divided into 5 steps and each step explains the topic in detail.
Elite Blogging tutorial
In this tutorial, I have shared all my experiences as a blogger, busted all the myths of blogging, given all the hidden secrets of blogging that I discovered in my blogging journey and shared all my experiences with blogging
Basic Youtube tutorial
After blogging here comes Basic youtube tutorial which will help you to the proper way of setting up youtube channel and monetization. The step by step tutorial will guide you through making a channel, monetization of the channel, social networking of the channel, and live streaming setup.
Elite Youtube tutorial
Elite youtube tutorial is an out of the box tutorial which contains everything you need to take your channel from small youtube channel to channel with 1M+ subscribers. It also contains the key to getting your first 1000 subscribers and getting approved quickly for Adsense. By taking it you will be able to learn the secrets of a successful youtube channel.
Complete Wordpress Tutorial, Complete travel blogging Guide and so on.



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