Blood Pressure Monitor Diary

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Blood Pressure Monitor Diary will help you store and analyse your blood pressure
Blood Pressure Monitor Diary is a personal tool for tracking and analyzing blood pressure measurements.It helps people that suffering from various diseases of the blood circulatory system, e.g., hypertension or hypotension. This app is very useful for early detection of predisposition to the corresponding diseases and as a tool for monitoring fitness activities.
*Main features
1. Blood pressure recording: you can enter the data and save into database.
2. Blood pressure graphs and lists: you can check your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly blood pressure data as well as the average figures.
3. Use guide: you can learn how to measure your blood pressure
Now you can have your blood pressure data at hand wherever you are, whatever you do. Your doctor will love it too!
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Version: 1.4.4

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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