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Blood Pressure report BP Report Lite is a Lite Version of Blood Pressure Report.It is a comprehensive blood pressure readings management and reporting app for Android.We are excited to release this free app to satisfy severalcustomer requests to have a trial version of this BP Report app.Watch this app on;featuremfuinorderamp;listULIt has all the features of BP Report app with only limitation on how many records can be stored and how many times the reports can be emailed.. This app helps you to obtain better control of your blood pressure by tracking data, categorizing it, displaying it inmeaningful and elegant graphs. Save data to SD card in csv format can be opened in Microsoft Excel or notepad and html format can be opened in any web browser Or email the files to your doctor or to yourself. It is a handy app for the people to keep track of their blood pressure.Very essential for people with high blood pressure or prone to high blood pressure like pregnant women.With this app you can specify your own quot;goodquot; range within acceptable limits.This app categorizes all the possible following blood pressure ranges :HypotensionGoodPrehypertensionStage 1 HypertensionStage 2 HypertensionHypertensive CrisisBP Report color codes the data appropriately in the graphs as well as in the readings list.BP Report has nice, intuitive user interface, optimized with tabs.Key features of this app includes:Home tab :Number pickers for entering blood pressure readings and pulse.Buttons to change the date amp; time to enter past readings effortlessly.Past 5 readings with appropriate color codes for different blood pressure levels.Readings tab :Shows list of all blood pressure amp; pulse readings with appropriate color codes for different blood pressure levels.Click on a reading to update any or all of date, time, blood pressure amp; pulse , delete reading.Save readings to SD card. Stored location is readings to any recipient you choose including your doctor and you.Charts tab :Pie chart of different BP reading levels.Line chart of BP readings and pulse with baseline readings.Settings tab :Lets you choose the quot;goodquot; blood pressure readings ranges for Systolic amp; Diastolic.Lets you keep a phone number of your doctor handy to call.Lets you configure an email to send readings to with click of a button. Displays the color codes for the different blood pressure Categories.About tab :Displays app version, brief description of the app and the copy right.Keywords:Hypotension, Good, Prehypertension,Stage 1 Hypertension, Stage 2 Hypertension, Hypertensive Crisis,High blood pressure, Low blood pressure, blood pressure tracking.



Version: 1.6

Requires: Android 2.1 or later


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