Blue Wallpaper

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Art & Design | 4.8MB


blue wallpaper is a wallpaper application that provides wallpapers with dominant colors in blue. Blue itself is one of the additive primary colors besides red and green. This blue wallpaper provides various wallpapers, such as sky wallpaper, sea wallpaper, and others. Blue Wallpaper is a free application that you can download without payment to us.
The following categories of blue wallpapers:
blue wallpaper 2019
blue rose wallpaper 3d
blue 4k wallpaper
blue 4k wallpaper
blue 4k wallpaper
wallpaper blue color
cute blue wallpaper
blue eyes wallpaper
electric blue wallpaper
blue wallpaper for girls
blue full hd wallpaper
blue wallpaper for boys
Application features:
- The size is very small
- This application is very fast
- Can be offline or online mode
- HD image quality
- Easy to operate
- Wallpaper installation
- to share friends
- Available for download
- Pinch zoom
- one-click Wallpaper Settings
- Save the wallpaper one-click
- One-click Share wallpaper
- This application is 100% Free to use
and much more



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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