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broadcast bluetooth messages to a group of friends in one sequence from android BT BROADCASTER is a great way to make friends nearby.Ever wanted to approach someone within 30 feet of you but never had the confidence. Now you dont have to worry about feelings of rejection.Allow BT BROADCASTER to do it for you.By using Bluetooth technology available persons nearby you who have a visible Bluetooth enabled mobile device will be able to receive a note or a photo of you without giving away who you are if youre in a clubdisco or riding the bus for example.It works best if both devices are paired but sometimes no pairing is necessary.Ever wanted to BROADCAST a message or file to a group of friends.With BT BROADCASTER anyone with a visible Bluetooth enabled phone can receive your message or photo in sequence one after the other. So after one person receives your message the next person can begin to accept your message etc until you have broadcasted your message to all friends. Sometimes you may have to pair devices first.Remember being at a sports bar and wondering who everyone wants to bet on?Or remember being at a party and wanting to tell someone you are single and available? Ever wanted to market your product to other paired mobile devices? Now you might be able to do all these things. BT BROADCASTER runs on android version 2.1 update phones and communicates best with other smart phones.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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