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Welcome to the BoomBox!
This tool is designed to be a powerful, easy to learn, great sounding Drum Computer / Drum Machine / Stepsequencer / Music Maker.
### NEW: Load your own Samples! Export and share your Tracks! Set Tracks as Ringtone!
"This is the best app ever" 29.06.2014
"Super! 5+" 07.05.2014
"Nice I love it!" 06.05.2014
"DAMN! This is very good!" 08.02.2014
"I love it! This is a great app!" 24.01.2014
Powerful, but easy to learn Stepsequencer
• Intuitive, clear and structured layout
• 8 simultaneous instruments with individual volume control
• Up to 64 patterns, each containing 16 steps [8 patterns in FREE]
• Editing of the track during playback
• Great sounding results in short time
• No musical foreknowledge needed
• Ideal for beginners, great for experts
• Drumcomputer / Step Sequencer - Established ways to create music
Settings & Features
• Load your own Samples from the SD Card
• Share your Tracks
• Export to Ringtone
• Choose between 3 designs and 5 fonts
• Change the speed of the track between 1 and 2000 BPM
• Customize your experience
• 367 built-in samples of all genres of electronic music
• 21 demo tracks with 11 pre stored drumkits
• Fits all layouts / is built for tablets
Usage and Behaviour
• You can play Instruments while the Track is running
• Copy pattern by long clicking the pattern controls
• Switch between track and pattern replay
• Instant feedback by editing while playback
• A tutorial to get you started is included in the help section
• Change instruments by long clicking
• Assign individual names to tracks, drumkits or instruments
• Build loops, beats and tracks
• Your fast and always ready drumcomputer on your side
• Fits all genres of electronic made music
• From Hip-Hop to House and Hardstyle
• Samples are organised and named by categories
• Capture your ideas while on the move
• More features in future updates are coming for free
Have fun creating!
Do you need help?
You have ideas on how to improve the BoomBox?
You want to criticize or thank me?
You developed some great tracks and want them published in future updates?
Send your mails to:
The app has been tested on a Samsung Galaxy S1, which is powerful enough to run the BoomBox. If the audio is crackling you might not have enough power on your handheld. Realtime audio processing is quite CPU intensive.
If you are having problems or facing errors, feel free to contact me.
Thank You!
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Version: 1.32

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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