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Calorie Counter- Step Counter allows you to track different fitness activities such as walks or runs, count your burned calories or heart rate, and get tips to make your daily life healthy and fit.
Walking and step tracking with a pedometer is the perfect starting point for a fitness beginner and a great addition to the training of the most advanced. The app (Run Keeper) also motivates you to walk more and collect more steps. The positive side effect, More steps, and longer walking distance equals more calories burned.
The App (Calorie Counter- Step Counter) is an Android application (Pedometer, Step Counter), which help you record your steps every day every minute. It can work all the time no matter the screen is on/off, and developers try best to reduce the battery usage.
Everyone should walk around about ten thousand steps per day to improve your health and body fitness just like pedometer app. You can view a graph with the number of steps you have walked and all other information anytime.
The Walk Counter is the best Companion in your daily routine walking, hiking, jogging or backpacking. A lifetime tracker of your calories burns and Steps record.
1-The easiest to use step tracker for any phone.
2-Accurate activity tracking and step counting.
3- Measure your steps automatically during your walk or exercise.
4-Absolutely free application.
5-Charts and graphs statistics supported.
6- You can pause counting from start activity.
7- Enable or disable step counting in a background.
8- Running in a background, measuring your steps.
9- Update its statistics every minute in its database.
How to use:
1- Touch on the number of steps, burned calories, distance, walking time, or speed to display the graph with that information.
2- Touch the graph to highlight information data for a specific time or date.
3-Swipe to the left to see the data recorded until the previous day, week, and month.
4-In order to display the correct number of burned calories, please enter your age, gender, weight and step length accurately.
5-In order to display the correct distance and speed, please enter your step length accurately.
This step counter app works entirely from your phone. No Fitbit or other wearable fitness trackers are required for step tracking

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Version: 1.0.3

Requires: Android 4.0.3 or later


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