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This is the official mobile app for, tweets and other social media posts curation & compilation platform and web media.
Chirpstory's app contains abundant stories generated by users every day. With Chirpstory, users curate and aggregate multiple tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Youtube videos, etc. into a single compilation based on their themes. Chirpstory makes it easy for social media lovers to find interesting and complete conversation on Twitter, to see different angle and perspective over trending news, as well as to get fuller enjoyment from having multiple memes, jokes, awesome pictures and videos stacked together.
Chirpstory's app let you read those stories and stay updated with todays's social media trend. With this app you will keep up with the latest trending news, pictures, memes, and videos, as well as jokes, unique and awesome stuff that most people are talking and sharing on social media. This app lets you stay updated on viral stuff faster than your peers.
Compared to the main website, this app lets you read stories on Chirpstory with simpler display. You can also favorite stories you like to read them later, comment on stories, as well as share stories to anybody through your social channels. No more reason to wait, let's download and install the app, then you'll find the following features:
- Popular stories and all newest stories
- Log in with Twitter account
- Favorite stories
- Push notification
- Sharing stories on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Line
Either you are a loyal user and visitor to Chirpstory's website, or completely new to Chirpstory, let's find out how this app can be exciting.
We appreciate your review and comments on this app too, so let us know!



Version: 2.3.4

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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