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mobile application to use time monitoring for repellents and other options to protect against Aedes Aegypty - Chronos Aedes aegypti - Chronos2A
    Chronos or Kronos is the name given to the personification of time, according to Greek mythology. Currently, chronos is the definition of chronological and physical time, understood as the years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and etc.
    Chemicals are the most effective for repelling the Aedes aegypti, but we must take care because they are also the most toxic, so the control over the use and intensity of application of these products becomes very necessary.
    As biologist Adalberto Cunha in Biologist warning about myths and truths to repel dengue mosquito "The same chemical principle that exists in making product exists in aerosol products. The difference is that the outlet remains running longer because electricity will releasing the product. We can not forget that in the rooms of children under three years, is not recommended to use chemicals, because for them can be very toxic and instead of helping, can disrupt the lives of these children, "he said.
We developed a time-tracking application, free, the Chronos2A who remember when turning on and off, apply and re-apply products to repel the Aedes aegypti, as the action plan to be established by the user in the search for prevention of Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika and other potential viruses propagated by the vector Aedes aegypti.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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