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Patients in critical care need close monitoring and quick response to deteriorating conditions. The window of opportunity for action may be quite short before the situation becomes irreversibly complicated. Therefore, a system that enables the doctors to get an integrated view of the patient information on an anytime/anywhere basis, over mobile devices would be of immense value.
On invocation, CDB displays patient information in the form of a dashboard. It includes demographic details (name, age, gender, diagnosis, date of admission), images (photograph, x-ray, ECG, etc.), charts (vitals, lab results), tables (medication, input output), records (nurses notes, history, clinical impressions), etc. At every invocation of the application, the doctor will be able to see the latest status of his patient. He can also send messages to the nurse at remote end indicating his impressions and directions. This will be reflected on the NDB within a few seconds. The actions taken by the nurse will be updated into the cloud server through NDB. This in turn will be reflected in the dashboard corresponding to the patient in DDB. This ensures that the doctor is always aware of the bio-markers and other information relating to the patient and the actions performed by the nurse. This mode of communication is more effective and appropriate since it is silent and non-obtrusive.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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