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Conyct is the smartest tool available for exchanging contact details and business cards on the go. You only have to swipe your phone with the other phone and contacts get exchanged magically. No NFC is needed and it works on the most basic smartphones. It also lets you exchange pictures along with the smartest, so that you can remember whose contact you got. Everything gets saved in your phone's regular Contacts app.
What’s more, with Conyct, you can also keep track of how your network of contacts is growing on a daily basis. Conyct also helps in getting you the latest phone numbers of your contacts, even when they have changed their phone numbers, as long as they are part of the Conyct system.
All you have to do is download Conyct, install it with your details that you would like to share with users, including your picture if you like, and swipe your phone with anyone else who also has Conyct installed. It's as simple as that.
Download this coolest app now that is spreading like wildfire.



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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