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The Inovatools cutting data app is a specific recommendation of cutting data depending on cross section, material, and tool. After the selection of the technologies milling, drilling, reaming, or tapping, there are 6 material groups with a total of 24 materials to choose from. Next, tools are offered and sorted by highest cutting speed on the basis of a tool category or tip shape search Depending on the technology, a specific cross section, copy milling, or the maximum machine speed can be calculated by means of a checkbox. The efficiency (Q: material removal rate) is displayed in a diagram and can be compared with specific tools via a calculator function. According to selection, the following data are displayed: D1 (Diameter)FL (Flutes)l1 (Length of cut)nmax (Maximum speed)ap (Cutting depth)ae (Row pitch)α (alpha)Rd (Roughness depth)nf (Speed factor)Dmin. (minimal intervention-diameter)Dmax. (maximal intervention-diameter)vc (Cutting speed)fz, f, f=lead (feed per tooth)S (Rotation speed)vf (Feed rate)f (Feed per rotation)Q (Material removal rate)Hm (Middle chipping thickness)



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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