Digital Clock Live Wallpaper-7

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Digital clock as application, Live Wallpaper and widget that displays current time, date,
day of the week and battery charge.
All date and time formats are supported. Names of month and day of the week are displaying according to current language.
* Show glow effect;
* Show 3D effect;
* Show date, day of the week, seconds, battery charge;
* Primary color;
* Clock size;
* Align clock on the Home screen for Live Wallpaper;
* Five kinds of fonts;
* Time to speech by double type and periodically;
* Keep screen on for app.

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What's New Digital Clock Live Wallpaper-7

* Minor changes of appearance;
* Optimization for widget to save more power;
* Widget view is the same as main screen;
* Show transparent background and border for widget as option;
* Minor changes of settings window;
* Multi-window support;
* Amount of fonts is increased up to 10;
* Show lead zero as option;
* Decrease amount of ads as holiday;
* PRO version discount from 12.27.2020 one week only.



Version: 4.0

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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