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Welcome to the soon to be launched online radio station from Hong Kong - Digital Radio Hong Kong.
With a mix of 70% Chinese music and 30% western music that is popular in Hong Kong, DRHK brings you a blend of Hong Kong's musical soundtrack.
There are 2 feeds of DRHK for you to choose. the 48K AAC+ feed will save your data costs and give you the best quality. The 96K MP3 feed is also there if your device has a problem with AAC+.
PLEASE REMEMBER that use via 3G will use up any data allowance. Try Wi-Fi or only use the 48K feed over 3G.
You can find our website at and can contact us via the website or by email at
We would welcome any comments on this application. We plan to also provide, shortly, be a Chinese version of the app



Version: 1.02

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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