Distance & Area Measure

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This application can be used to measure area and distance with minimum step.
- Area and distance measuring
- Easy adding and removing points.
- GPS Location search by inputting latitude and longitude. You can paste latitude,longitude in our search box.
- Many distance and area unit supported.
- Option to show perimeter in area measuring mode.
- 3 Map types (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid)
- Save/Load measured data
- Beautiful user interface.
Unit support for area measurement
- Square Feet (Sq. Ft)
- Square Yards (Sq. Yd)
- Square Miles (Sq. Mi)
- Square Meters (Sq. M)
- Square Kilometers (Sq. Km)
- Hectare
- Acre
- ตร.วา (Thai Only)
Unit support for distance measurement
- Feet (Ft)
- Yards (Yd)
- Miles (Mi)
- Meters (M)
- Kilometers (Km)
- วา (Thai Only)



Version: 2.1.1

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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