Driving Maps Live Navigation & Street Route Alerts

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Driving Maps Live Navigation & Street Route Alerts
is android app that will have functionality to speak with map and get route while driving car, walking, jogging, and biker and so on. It is very much simple and has functionality only one click away. Speak place and get voice direction on map turn by turn. That is not enough you will have features like car tracking, address tracking, route finder, street view, traffic updates on map and so on. If you are driving car and want to find friend location, simply ask to share location and track it live traffic updates and street view to destination. To get shortest route and distance with track gps route finder you need to get location and find it between two coordinates. One from north to west with live traffic and get accurate distance with possible turn by turn in the schedule meetings, enjoyment with friends, planning tour and get exact location one point to another point.
If you want to visit famous places, like zoo, jungle restaurants, cinema house, shopping malls then have must android voice navigation gps map tracker app to navigate car till end location. Ride freely with to speak place name and get distance with shortest route on the hilly mountains, hill patches, signals, traffic through navigation and all in one best navigation app. Visit any of the country, travel plan, get distance to reach destination. Now it is easy for travel around you to get any place location from one point to another point. Navigation car with gps base system to get any of the world like USA navigation, Russia navigation, Japan, Switzerland, France, Italy navigation, New Zealand navigation, United kingdom navigation, UAE navigation, Dubai metro navigation, Middle east navigation, North America routes & directions, Washington DC navigation, India and all over the globe. Driving Maps Live Navigation & Street Route makes user travel reliable and easy by offering the voice guided navigation options. No problem you are unable to type the desired content, just speak what you want to locate, live wase maps , sygic navigator , yanddex navigator maps navigation direction tracker will draw a track on map along with time and distance estimation.
3D Street View: get the experience of real time 3D street view by this navigation app. gps route finder and route tracker contains the latest collection of 3D images from all over the world. Get the clear picture of places before you reach the places weise.
Driving Maps Live Navigation & Street Route Alerts is easy and having features like route tracker, nearby places and other location which you have never to visit and having no idea about route. Simply say where you want to go and navigation voice gps app will give voice directions to reaching end point. In either case, put places names where you start travel and get route gps with distance and time.
Futures Driving Maps Live Navigation & Street Route Alerts:
Just say place name and get directions on the map
Street view will help you to reach final destination
Live traffic updates will save you from traffic jams and protests
Alternative routes option will automatically move you from one to another end
Navigation app is gps base android app which works with gps
Get possible distance with shortest route planner
Visit nearby places like restaurants, petrol pumps, casino, gym, malls and so on
Find out parking area to park your car with minimum rate
Find out airport way to catch up flights at accurate time



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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