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In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.Associate with people in such a manner, that they weep for you when you die and long for you if you are alive.Imam AliDuas.Org is the biggest and most beneficial site for the scripture of any type of Islamic prayer in the world.Renowned for the versatility and immense library of prayers in arabic english and transliteration, Duas.Org strives to present an effective opportunity for servants of God to pray on the go. Such prayers that are included consist of Dua Kumail, Ziyarat Ashura for Imam Hussein, Dua Iftitah, Dua Simaat, among others. There are a numerous essential and elaborate prayers that include English translation, Arabic, and transliteration text. Duas.Org has been striving to present the Islamic community with an accessible means of prayer, and it hopes to continue to do so in the future. Please pray for the sick. Please pray for the needy. Please pray so we all can be closer to the One and Only, Allah. Succint list of Prayers: Dua39;a MashloolDuaa KumaylDua39;a as SimaatDuaeTawassulDuaa MiraajDuaa AZulmalbalaaNade Ali KabeerDuaeYastasheer Duaa AdeelaDua39;a JaushaneKabeerHadiseKisaDua39;a NudbaDua39;a Abu Hamza ThumaliDuaeAhad replace with Sahifa Mahdi atfs Supplication 1Ziarat Ashura Imam HusseinDua Safwan Dua Al QamahAayat alKursiDua IftitahA Gift from Imam AlHusayn AS99 names of Allah



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