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English conversation everyday app is an application that will help users to master spoken English easily. It is basically an English speaking app, where you don’t need to memorize any English grammar. You can use this app as a spoken English app. It will help users for their English conversation practice. We have included 485 types of daily English conversation here. This English conversation everyday app is a most helpful app in conversational English supported by extensive and stimulating English vocabulary.
English is fast growing into the virtually compulsory second language in the non-English speaking world, especially for advanced spheres of activities. Our students and learners of spoken English, therefore, need an English conversation application which can equip them with expressions and an extensive supporting English vocabulary for easy and effective communication in English. The conversation is specially emphasized, because it gives a person competence and confidence, of which the non-English students are particularly in need of. This English conversation daily app is planned to cover the major areas of our everyday life. Special words, phrases and turns of expression are highlighted for easy retention.
We have tried to make our conversation in English everyday as much user friendly as possible. We have no doubt that those who will care to learn these interesting and entertaining chapters will find a marked improvement in their spoken English communicative skill.
Topics covered in this English conversation app are –
1) Greetings
2) Bidding farewell
3) Special greetings and congratulations
4) Introducing a person to another
5) Introducing oneself
6) Polite expressions of request
7) Inviting people to dinner, tea etc
8) Expressing regrets
9) Thanking and answering thanks
10) Framing interrogative sentences
11) Using ‘yes/no’ part of a sentence in an answer
12) Using question tags
13) Using some common conversational expressions
14) Going for shopping
15) Buying things
16) Complaining about defective articles
17) Finding out a restaurant
18) Reception at a restaurant
19) Choosing the menu
20) Paying the bill
21) Finding out a hotel
22) Booking a hotel room
23) Getting room service
24) Getting service from a porter
25) Leaving the hotel
26) Opening a bank account
27) Cashing a cheque
28) Exchanging foreign currency
29) Planning a journey by air
30) Booking air passage
31) Going to airport
32) Customs checking
33) Writing, mailing a letter
34) Buying stamps
35) Sending parcels, money orders etc
36) Going to the cinema, booking seats
37) Preparing for a train journey
38) Inquiring about a train journey
39) Driving, parking, servicing a car
40) Hiring a taxi cab
41) Directing, paying taxi driver
42) Miscellaneous transport
43) Asking about bus service
44) Getting somebody on the phone
45) Leaving a message
46) Getting a wrong number
47) Making an appointment
48) Asking about time, date, place, weather condition
49) Talking about money
50) Listening to radio, watching TV
51) Talking about family, relatives, marriage
52) Taking physical exercise, dieting, seeing a doctor
53) Getting admitted to an educational institution
54) At an interview, at a library, hiring a flat
55) Informing the police
56) Calling for an ambulance, fire brigade.

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