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Expressions of India is a platform which aims at creating a global market for promoting the various handicrafts of India and its creative people. We have 2 distinct areas that we cater to:
Traditional Handicrafts of India - India is a country with varied culture and each culture has its own form of expressions like handicrafts, songs, dance, food and lifestyle. There are many villages with specialized handicrafts, some known some unknown. It is our endeavor to give them a global window/ showcase. Many such traditional arts are on the verge of extinction due to a lack of market and many artisans have moved to cities for a livelihood thus bringing an end to the rich traditions of rural India. It is our endeavor to make these handicrafts available to the world without having to travel to India or these places – accessible to anyone, anywhere and anytime and keeping the traditions alive.
Creative people of India - Our aim is to give a global window to various artists and creative people – to showcase their wares, which perhaps is restricted to their homes or even their friends and relatives. This platform will throw open the doors to the world. We deal exclusively with hand made products which could be modern or traditional.



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