First Aid In Urdu (Ibtadai Tibi Imdad)

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First Aid In Urdu Is an app in which you will find what you should do after any incident before doctor.
It can save lots of life if you know that Beneficial Information.
When we encountered an incident medically then we required first aid treatment and this app has a lot of different suggestions about first aid treatment.
In this book you can learn simple emergency lifesaving procedures which can aid a person suffering from car or motorcycle accident, animal or snake bit, bleeding, breath or respiratory failure, broken bone, burning, maternity, choking, submerge, ear pain, electric shock, heart attack, sunstroke, poisoning etc.
Everybody should have this app in there smart phone so you can take help from this app when any bad incident happened to you.
This amazing application is in Urdu language and every person who know Urdu language he can easily understand it.
We all cares for our love once and family members so you have to share this helpful and life saving application to them.
User Friendly Interface.
Easy To Read.
Pinch To Zoom Option.
Page Sharing Option (So now you can share any life saving tips to your friends and family).
This application if free of cost so download.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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