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The conversation manual Italian- English is an application designed for people who want to know the basics of the English language.
It includes questions, answers, words and expressions that allow communication in typical everyday situations.
Conversation manual is divided into the following chapters:
* Useful expressions
* regards
* numbers
* time
* Measures
* Color
* Weather
* personal data
* Geographical names
* Written information
* journey
* Mail, phone
* accommodation
* tourist trip
* Restaurant, bar
* purchases
* Doctor, pharmacy
* Sport, recreation
In total over 1000 words, phrases and sentences
The conversation manual is designed especially for people who do not know the foreign language but also is a perfect application that will stabilize and expand the knowledge of the people who already know the basics of the English language.
All expressions, terms and conversazioni- well appear on the screen - are also available in audio format.
The audio files were created so that you can hear the expressions, terms and words chosen by you. You can also listen to the complete material of a chapter of your choice.
After installing the application it can be used in off-line mode (without the need to be connected to the internet).



Version: 1.4

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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