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GPS Navigation & Transit Tracker is a free tool for android phone users. GPS Navigation & Transit Tracker is a car navigator and direction map route finder app that makes it very convenient for the users to find voice navigation driving directions. GPS Navigation & Transit Tracker works as a GPS route finder live maps that tracks your car and helps in finding places. This gps navigation for car GPS Navigation & Transit Tracker works like a gps tracking system and gps tracking real time. GPS Navigation & Transit Tracker and gps tracker offline maps and gps navigation finds shortest way from your current location to the desired location. GPS Navigation & Transit Tracker gives traffic updates and shows real time live traffic on roads that helps you to choose a traffic free route via gps trackers on cars. Track car with gps and see the accurate street maps with Gps navigation map route finder location tracker. It shows 3D street view with global positioning system. Live Gps route finder has satellite live earth maps, maps, gps vehicle tracker route finder, navigation & directions that can help you to track your direction. Street view map, gps tracking devices, map tracker,

The nearby places trackers helps to find amazing fun places near you. Location finder shows nearby places like universities, hospitals, , schools, pharmacies, shopping malls , , route planner mosque, Map lite, grocery stores, gyms, parks, gpc navigate gps map ride with gps open street map, church, banks, atms airport, trafik alarm, railway stations, around me, mapa, mapquest trip hiking walking, backpacker street planning view location nav directions new places in dubai, bus stops, open street map & metro station, car navigator, free direction map route planner app, GPS route tracker direction map. It provides amazing weather forecast find directions drive mode, street view, Quick GPS Navigation Offline Map gps driving route safe driving rewards, navigazione naviguate find directions.
Features of GPS Navigation & Transit tracker:

** Find your route: 
Find the shortest route to any place that has minimum ETA with route finder driving in gps offline. car naviga gps offline, navteq, navigation free, navigatore Milano, navigators.

**Voice Navigation directions:
Voice activated voice directions help to drive easily while using maps via turn by turn driving directions by GPS Navigation & Direction - Find Route, Map Guide. maps guide shortest way ontheroad maps find car naviga live maps location tracker, gps address, location apps, live gps route finder, hiking tracker, rote, route preview.

**Traffic Alerts: 
Get updates of real time traffic to avoid rushy roads in order to have hassle free drive. traffic maps alerts gps, geo-positioning, gps route finder live maps, route finder, map tracker, location navigator gps route finder, gpsnavigationroute, live gps route finder.

**Share Location: 
Track current location of your car via car tracking and share your current location with anyone from family or friends. maps find, car naviga.

** Nearby Places: 
Nearby places finder lets you track places near you to find places of your point of interest.

**Drive Mode: 
Drive mode helps to ensure safe driving by making your phone on drive mode so you can control it via your voice.

**Weather Updates: 
Weather updates from day to day and hour to hour helps in travel planning and time to travel with real time weather updates and weather forecast feature .



Version: 1.3

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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