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GPS Paths - the only one app of GPS Tracker combined with photos , local storing, using cloud for private or public storing and sharing wirh search posibilities
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How to start track
How to save on cloud
How to manage the settings
Premium paid features are private cloud and adfree
Everything else is free and not limited
Full free control over your shared tracks.
Be your personal Storyteller. Keep yourmemories and donot let them run away.
Create GPS Tracks with pics - share it if you want.
Take a look at already shared GPS Tracks with pictures from the public cloud.
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The story of the GPS Paths
Part 1.
Weekend I love to make big walks in the nature,  ride bike. I wanted always to know what distance Iwalked and simply archive it for my memory. At these walks I made pictures with the camera of my mobile. So I hat the track and the pictures, but they were not connected. After certain time I forgot which picture from exactly where is taken. After some months most of details were forgotten. And this pity for me. I wanted to keep the track connected with a picture-to remember this walk.
So that was the first reason to write this app
Part 2
I visit unknown places. I want to make a walk, but I do not know - where to go.
I could find pictures with nice seeing, but how to reach them. I thought-it will be great if I find a app which shows me experience of other people for that place. I could not find such app. So I decided to write my own where you can publish and share your expiriences. That is my I created the public cloud - for storing and sharing. One is happy to see what other have seen in region where you are.
And I wrote this app.
Now it up to you to share your tracks so that we can make a large collection for those who are looking where to go.
Part 3
I need to share between my mobile and my tablet the information - the track with the related pictures. Or just to secure them and reach them on every mobile android. So I made the private cloud. There you can store you tracks and nobody has acces to them without your permission. So we are coming to part 4.
Part 4
If have a private or public track how to show it to somebody certain. So I develop the public id. You can send this from the app via email to this certain somebody and he can go to the app, enter this public id and view this track and related picture
Part 5 follows
Everything else is free
With GPS Paths you have the unique possibility to make trace of your way and to take pitures and combine this with the track. You can save your track local or on a cloud. You can exchange track with other user or hust take look
Over smart search you can find the nearest fom you, so you can plan your next excursion



Version: 0.43

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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