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Gigs by BAM is the first app which makes your life as a musician easier. Organize rehearsals, gigs and your whole band.
Thanks to our unique technology for your instrument case, Gigs by BAM tracks the location and checks temperature and humidity of your instrument at any time. We'll help you to keep your instrument in optimal condition wherever you are. BAM cases offers the first smart instrument case with a tracking app.
No matter if you play cello, violin or guitar, with Gigs by BAM nothing can stop your concert tour. For us it is important to offer a platform where all musicians can exchange ideas: in the chat area of your groups you can send photos of your last performance directly to your band colleagues, make appointments and much more.
Join a group or create a new one
Invite your band to your group with your personalized code
Name the group after your band
Change the profile picture of your group
Organize your band and your orchestra at any time
Chat with your bandmates in your groups
Send 1:1 private messages or chat with the whole group
Add a group chat photo
See who participates in the group chat
Get notified when you receive your message
Create gigs for your band
Choose a start and end time for your gigs
Choose a location for the gig
Take part in gigs and find out who else has joined
Connect Gigs by BAM with your instrument case
Check in real-time the temperature and humidity of your instrument case
Thanks to our integrated SIM card with GPS tracking you will always know the location of your instrument
Integrated theft protection: in case of loss or theft of your instrument, you can provide the police with precise information about the location
Post your update (text or picture) in your group or in the Gigs by BAM community



Version: 1.0.5

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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