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"Guia Salam" is a limited contribution services company registered in Brazil. It's aims to provide services through mobile applications and the Internet to help the lives of the individual and the Arab family and those interested in Arab culture in Brazil.
Guia Salam aims to be a place where Arab and Brazilian cultures can meet through the services they provide, which belong to peoples of Arab origin or who seek this Arab culture from non-spoken peoples. And be a place to benefit from both parties.
Service of Arabs and those interested in Arab culture through:
Providing useful information, promoting business interests, and exchanging experiences and life-related relationships and requirements in Brazil with transparency.
Prayer Timings
Places of prayer and mosques in Brazil
Communicate with the clergy to receive fatwas and inquiries
Ramadan Times (printable in PDF format)
The addresses and places of breakfast or mass of Ramadan in Brazil
Social events of Arab and Arab descent in Brazil, such as Islamic activities in mosques and clubs, Quran lessons, lectures, seminars, etc. with the titles, dates and information about the places of activities.
Public and official events in Brazil
Helping in the search for jobs for those wishing to work for companies that want to search for and employ Arabs and those of Arab origin.
Calendar and public holidays in Brazil for public institutions and markets in Brazil
 Who benefits from the application
Arab individuals and those interested in Arab culture in Brazil
Arab Islamic and Cultural Centers in Brazil
Research centers in Brazil and around the world interested in Arabic studies in Brazil
Merchants, tradesmen and various trades in Brazil
Arab individuals and companies residing outside Brazil and interested in Brazil in terms of laws, living and business opportunities.



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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