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Learn the guitar notes on the staff with the following modes:Notes and frets mode: Select a note and tell you the staff to fret frets belongs Choose a note on the mast and tell you which note on the staff is.TestNotas mode: You will be asked random notes on the staff and you must choose your fretMoto TestTrastes: You will be asked random notes on the frets and you select what your note belowChord Mode: A library of chords.Free Mode: The whole screen to playClick the menu to change the Latin notation do, re, mi ... to english notation C, D, E. ..Or to choose on which side of the mast out the notes in the test.V 1.2 Integrated basic scales in Learning mode Attempt to fix on a reported error of Samsumg I5500 I dont have this terminal, the change has been made which may be sensing the error. If any such terminal failed and now its ok please write a commentV 1.1 In chord mode, now sounds the note of the chord, instead of the note press on frets. Added Learning Mode: Learning simple songs to gaining fluency in reading the pentagram.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android1.5 or later


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