Guna Calculator Pro Telugu

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- Looking to find a match for your ward. Here is a handy app to calculate the compatibility count.
- Eliminates the need to consult an astrologer for basic sanity check.
- Would it not be cool to evaluate compatibility of matrimonial match on the phone / tablet , without having to worry about referring a panchanga
- Same can also be used to check if partners in a business / game gel well.
- If you are interested to use the localized application, install the version of application in your language of choice. This can be found by searching the application in Play store as - Guna Calculator Pro. Example, if you want to install the app in Kannada search as - Guna Calculator Pro Kannada.
- This app does not install any font. If you can read these Telugu characters (that follow) properly తెలుగులో గుణము అప్లికేషన్ వాడండి
Your phone supports Telugu fonts and the app will work perfectly.



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android 2 or later


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