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Hair extensions, wear hair systems in the world to get the most popular form of elections. The snap them without damaging your own hair length hair, adding volume or color of the easiest and most accurate way. They are available in many colors and lengths and heat-resistant and heat-resistant human hair and synthetic fibers are prepared as flimsy. Many parts ranging from a single piece of large-scale systems of various hair clasp hair system available in the range.
Hair extensions is the perfect alternative to permanent hair supply. Hair extensions sold at more reasonable prices and easier maintenance compared to permanent hair.
Hair Professionals, binding, knitting, before choosing a permanent solution, such as protein tips or mini-applications will recommend you to try snap lock of hair. Hair extensions is suitable for most hair types, such as permanent and unbreakable hair. Apply yourself snaps practical system of hair is impeccable. The hair is removed from a few minutes to settle the hair takes only a few seconds. Snap your hair through hair is thrown in the quality of the magazine cover models and does not require you to spend hours in the beauty salon. Hair extensions will simply not be noticed at all in your hair. Hair extensions thanks to last longer hold the extension of short hair, you have long hair and incredible volume of a few seconds is very easy.
With all these thoughts we for you "hair extensions" We have made the application. Our "hair extensions" in practice, you will find dozens of varieties of artificial hair extensions and color design models and will very likely. Now our "hair extensions" Download the app and enjoy.
• You can save all the images in the application tablet or your phone's memory card.
• Using in-app features all the pictures your friends and your friends can share, you can get their ideas.
• All pictures on your tablet or phone, you can set it as wallpaper.
• In addition, everything in the application and the content is presented to you completely free of charge.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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