How to draw cute bear step by step

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Learn How to draw cute bears step by step will teach you how to draw different types of teddy bears. This app contain best collections of teddy bear shapes, its very easy to use and learn very quickly.
Learn how to draw bear step by step is a self learning platform for those peoples who want to learn to sketch but they have no enough sources to learn painting and each bear sketch is divided into simple steps, You will take a paper and pencil and choose which bear shape you want to draw. and it is easy to follow.
Some important Keywords are:
> how to draw a bear step by step
> how to draw a teddy bear
> how to draw a brown bear
> how to draw a polar bear
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Some basic features are:
> A huge collection of the black bears of different shapes.
> Works even offline can draw anytime and anywhere.
> Starting from a basic structure and end up with a complete picture.
> Parents can use it to teach the children.
> How to draw bears becomes your personal drawing instructor.
> Facing any difficulties, each sketch have slide are available for user who can see the next sketch.
> Different Color option, stroke option, erase option and many more option are available.
> User can share/save bear images.
> Its 100% free.
This app is made for teddy bear fans, and it is unofficial. All content in this app is collected from the internet which is public content.The content in this app is not affiliated with by any company or brand. This app is mainly for entertainment and for all fans to enjoy Drawing. This application complies with the guiding principles of the US Copyright law "fair use".
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Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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