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Proper ventilation helps avoiding mold This apps helps to decide if airing makes sense by calculating the expected relative humidity after ventilation. You can use this app to determine if you should open your window for airing or not.It calculates the expected relative humidity at a temperature quot;insidequot;, if the temperature and humidity is at given values quot;outsidequot;. If the humidity is below 65 the number is shown in green, otherwise red. Humidity should be less than 65 to prevent mold growth.It gives you a good approximation for the expected humidity after ventilation at the assumption that the air is completely exchanged.An ideal model is assumed, you can think of a bottle full of air: the air in the bottle has a certain temperature and relative humidity labeled quot;outsidequot; in this app, if you now change the temperature of the air in the bottle, the relative humidity will change to a new level labeled quot;insidequot;. Temperature unit C or F can be set in Settings menu screens.tags weather air airing ventilation cellar basement mould mold windowTags de: wetter lften keller schimmel fenster luftfeuchte



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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