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Healthy humor is a characteristic of a good Christian. Rejoice in Him healthily
Consider what the Scriptures tell us:
proverbs 17:22
A cheerful heart is good medicine,
But a broken spirit dries the bones.
Ecclesiastes 3: 1,4
Everything has its time...
... "There is also a time to laugh" ...
Enjoy and reflect with these funny stories! (Some of them truthful!)
Christian Humor is a free application that allows you to enjoy healthy and varied content for the whole family and browse through all the wisdom of the Word of God in a clear and simple language with just a few clicks
Enjoy hundreds of resources and content to build your family in Christ
* Access to full Bible King James 1960 - even without connection to read! (Text)
* Listen to the audio of the Holy Bible
* Summary Biblico
* Thousands of Christian images that you provide strength and encouragement
* Promises of God ordered by theme
* Introduction to the Bible
* The power of prayer
* Strategies for Evangelizing
* Resources and content for Christian Leadership
* Key Biblical Research
* Women of God
* Christian Videos with motivational materials and high quality content!
* Phrases Jesus
* Plan 20 days with God - prayer Devotional
* Preaching and teaching of the Bible
* Christian movies
* Preaching and teaching of the Bible
* Bible Trivia
* The Great Commission of Jesus
* Places of the Bible. Discover the places where Jesus walked
* Sketches and very useful Sermons and Illustrations for Sermons
* Short Christian phrases to Share Networks!
* Karaoke Cristiano
* Christian Poems
* Music to pray and worship
* Short Christian Reflections
* Illustrations for preachings
* Christian Youth
* Resources for Leaders, Managers and team members of Praise
* Christian Courtship
* How to be saved?
* Animated Bible Videos
* Materials to evangelize and Share!
* Christian Family
* To read in the Bible?
* Humor Sano Christian and family to enjoy and brothers
* Youth Leadership
* Videos Praises Cristanos with Children
* Christian Marriage
* 23 responses that change lives
* Images Christian in English
* Resources for Pastors and Leaders
* ... And thousands of resources to bring the Word of God to the world!
* Contents of beautiful Christian images with beautiful photos and phrases of God to meditate, to give thanks to God and ask God for forgiveness.
* Christian images to find peace with God and not give up in adversity.
* Best Christian images to share on facebook messenger, twitter and whatsapp.
* Thousands of Christian images divided into special categories
>>> Here are some of the categories of images that you can enjoy the app:
- Breath
- Praise
- For moments Afan
- Help
- Blessing
- Confidence
- Consuelo
- Defense
- Address
- Hope
- Faithfulness of God
- Strength
- Gozo
- The word of God
- Release
- Marriage
- Courtship
- Christian Youth
- Mercy
- Christian Women
- Men of Valor
- Pictures for Kids
- Prayer
- Peace
- Sorry
- Presence of God
- Prosperity
- God's Love
- Jesus
- Protection
- Times of Need
- Refugio
- Restoration
- Worship
- Salvation in Christ
- Images for Evangelizing
- Health
- Victoria
- Abundant Life
- Eternal life
- The Great Commission
- Start the day blessed
- Rest in blessing
- Images for Christmas
- Images for New Year
- Images for Easter
- Images For Birthday
- Jesus Phrases
- Characteristics of God ...
and much more!!!
Use them to evangelize every day and send a message of hope and salvation to your contacts ...



Version: 2.0.0

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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