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Designed for children in pre-k, preschool, and kindergarten, Ava is a kids mode providing security and safe, quality content on your child's or your own device. With these parental controls, expect less time on Youtube Kids and more time on educational apps!
If your child is 2-7 years old, no other parental controls app provides the parental blocking, smart controls, child track and parent app features as does Ava for your child.
Turn your child's screen time into Class and Recess time with Ava, a new kind of parental control app launcher designed for parents who understand that devices have a wonderful potential to help educate their kids--if used correctly.
With Ava, you are fully in control - even from your own device thanks to our cross-device capabilities. You can set time limits and monitor activities. More importantly, you can choose the best apps for your child’s growth and Ava rewards them for using those apps.
Download Ava today, and it will be up and running for your child in less than 5 minutes. It’s that simple and easy.
Note: When installing Ava on your child's device, during onboarding, you'll be asked to allow Ava to access additional permissions - Draw Over Other Apps & Usage Stats so the app can properly track and reward certain usage, and block content. Please set Ava as the 'default' launcher by choosing "always" or "default".
We follow the industry's best practices in data protection and privacy protection. Our Privacy Policy can be found at the bottom of this listing.
Ava helps you…
Only want your child on the device for 2 hours, max? No problem. Ava lets you set time limits. You can even prevent access during school hours, nighttime, or whenever.
See what your child has been up to. What apps did they use the most? What games did they play? Ava gives you insight into your child’s interests and gives you something to talk about.
With Ava, you’ll be guided to the most educational apps, and you have complete control over what apps and content you want your child to use. Your child won’t even see the other apps.
Parental control is important, but children resist restrictions. Ava focuses your children on rewarding activities and helps them learn to manage screen time on their own.
Ava the Hare rewards kids for using the good apps that you want them to use, and then kids can spend those rewards to play games.
* Track on your own personal device your child's usage statistics, add new educational apps, and stop their screen time.
* Even if your child is using your personal device, your child will only see the apps that you allow them to access.
* Receive highly personalized content recommendations based on your child’s age, interests, and competencies.
* Track your child’s activities, including total time spent on educational content.
* Reward your child with additional screen time on games and videos when completing offline chores
* Create separate accounts for each of your children, so you can personalize the experiences and rewards.
Ava was especially designed for parents who ever thought or said:
~ “Because I’m so busy, I often give my child the tablet or smartphone to play on - though I feel guilty about all the screen time.”
~ “I don’t mind giving my child my device to play on, but they usually end up playing the same games, and they definitely don’t spend time on anything educational during their screentime."
~ ”I’d be more willing to let my child use my device if I wasn’t concerned they’d get into my email, text, or photos.”
~ “I know that there are education apps my child should use, but I don’t know what is good.”
No other parental controls app provides the parental blocking, smart controls, child track and parent app features as does Ava for your 2-7 y/o child.
Download now the perfect kids mode, app launcher, kid security, and parental control solution.



Version: 1.2.45

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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