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Illes Training app is the biggest gamble in an app for a sports center, all to ensure that our customers achieve their goals and we know in depth.
If you are not a customer yet, you'll know our facilities, equipment, services, promotions, events, news, and you can subscribe to any of them.
With Illes Training you have a coach 24 hours a day, plus:
- Know your evolution and progress through our bioimpedance scale synchronized Wifi, showing fat, muscle mass, liquid, basal metabolism etc ...
- More than 1000 videos in 3D, with images and descriptions. (Functional training, suspension, free weights, guided machines, unstable etc ...)
- Assess your daily and weekly caloric intake. Do you reach the objectives?
- Know scheduled workouts the next day.
- You can sync with facebook posting your workouts.
- Validate sessions conducted.
You still do not have?
Illes Training
by Trainingym



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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