Introductory Grammar of Ngoni (Zulu) Language

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This is a grammar ebook app on the Ngoni language as spoken in North Malawi. It is an update of a book written in the 1890s by a Livingstonia Mission missionary, Walter Angus Elmslie. It has been updated to match current Zulu writing system and also includes audio files for the clicks and other difficult words and letters in Ngoni. I have also added some Ngoni songs and praise poems for those interested in Ngoni culture and to help with speaking the language.
Ngoni language is essentially a Zulu dialect and this book should help those learining the Zulu language as well.
The Ngoni language spoken in Northern is similar to the one that was spoken in Central Malawi among the Maseko and in Songea, Tanzania, and Chipata in Zambia. Therefore learning this Zulu dialect will help in reviving the Ngoni language throughout the Ngoni kingdoms in these three countries.



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Requires: Android4.0 or later


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