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JS Image slideshow live Wallpaper creates a smooth slideshow from your gallery images. You can select any image folder in the gallery camera or Downloaded images or simply use all images available for your Live Wallpaper. Perfect for getting the most out of the images downloaded with JS Image Finder or other image search app.The JS Image Slideshow Live Wallpaper is completely inactive when your home screen is not displayed screen off or obscured by other applications, preserving battery life and has minimum impact on overall performance of your device.Features: Completely inactive when your home screen is not displayed Configurable Slide Duration time Configurable Image Source folder Auto scaling of images to fit your screen size Directly launch JS Image Finder from the settings screen to download additional wallpapers.NOTE: This is a fully unlocked BETA version available a limited time for free and will be replaced by a more limited DEMO version. The only limitation in the BETA is that you will see a red text overlaid on your wallpaper indicating that it is a BETA version on the right side of the screen. You will get rid of the red text when buying the full version available soon. The BETA version has been tested thoroughly for several months without any issues but is released as a BETA just to be sure about device compatibility.Also note that this is a live wallpaper, so in order to enable it, go to Wallpaper settings by selecting Wallpaper gt; Live Wallpapers from the menu that pops up when longtouching your home screen. Then JS Image Slideshow DEMO will be available in the list.



Version: BETA 1

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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