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Use this application to checkdebug the keycodes of physical device buttons.Once, I was playing with a number of chinese tablets and trying different ROMs on them as they are technically the same hardware HSG X5A variants.I39;ve had some problems getting the hard buttons to work though, so I wrote this application to detect key events and print them out. It will print out the following:KeyEvents: The KeyEvents as Android understands them KeyUp, KeyDown, KeyLongPress, KeyMultipleLogCat: Any relevant messages in logcat. Its filtered based on keywords declared in arrays.xmlKernel: Any relevant messages in the kernel log. Its filtered based on keywords declared in arrays.xml. Kernel log parsing needs root.The three checkboxes at the top control what information will be displayed.This is a personal debug tool but I hope it will be of some use to someone else.No Ads.NotesWhile the application is running the only quot;hardquot; keys which should work is quot;Homequot; and power. All others will produce their keycodes.The SU request is to read the kernel log, so I can check if any keyevents are thrown by the kernel.The location of keylayout files in Android is systemusrkeylayout.Kernel log parsing needs rootBoth logcat and kernel log monitoring will only display lines containing words from two arrays in arrays.xml i.e. you need to recompile the app to change them at the momentCurrently the filters are:Logcat:HwGPIOEgt;GPDAkeycodekeycharacterKernel:HwGPIOEgt;GPDAkeycodekeycharacterPermissionsREADLOGS: Used to access the Logcat log.WRITEEXTERNALSTORAGE: Used to write the exported data to the SD card.



Version: 0.0.4

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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