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Kh Love Fortune Teller is the best app to predict your future couple base on birthdate. Just select your birthdate then click on predict button, you will see your result in a minute. Kh Love Fortune Teller will tell your couple appearance, behaviour, attitude, how does he or she feeling to your and so on.
How to use:
+ Select your birthdate
+ Click on predict button
+ Hooray! see your result :)
Special Feature:
+ Built in khmer font
+ Easy to use
+ Clean interface
+ Tell your future couple look like
Please note that this app is made for entertainment purpose only. Sometime the result is not accurate. You can use this app to have fun with your friends.
So, Download Kh Love Fortune Teller now for free. Thank for support us :)
If you see any problem and want to improve this app, please don’t hesitate to contact use with below email:



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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