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The brothers Hamad and Sulaiman founded the Khunaizan Foundation in Riyadh in 1408H - 1988. Today, we have six exhibitions in Riyadh and have been transformed into Al-Khunaizan Company to keep abreast of the development and we are getting closer to our customers and we can serve them faster and better adhere to our pillars in providing the product of high quality at an excellent price and service. Appropriate for customer.
Air Conditioning
We have provided you the finest and most famous brands in the world of air conditioning with the provision of connection and installation using the best and best types of extensions.
We have sought in the department of refrigerators to provide a full diversity in sizes, designs and colors of the best brands, pledging to you with quality and guaranteed price
We make sure of the quality of the freezer before offering and providing it, our standards are high to provide any product and what we learned from the founders.
Washing machines and dryers
In order to provide the most economical water and electricity products from the strongest brands, you can browse and compare products and read our tips.
One of the most dangerous devices in the house, we pay much attention to the industry and the quality of the product and types of extensions and eyes and make sure the safety system in the oven died completely.
We offer a wide selection of the finest brands and the best brands in every brand. You can know more details here.
The brooms
Most home appliances, light all sizes from barrel to rocket with different capacities, make sure the size is right for you and you can consult us
Assistant in the kitchen
In this section we have brought you the most powerful assistance to the kitchen, you can now save your time and browse to choose the right type for you



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