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You can be a world traveller in your intercontinental tour, an event organizer about to run your show, or a football fan waiting for your favourite match in a stadium. We believe there are things happening around everyday that you want to share with not just people in your social network, but literally everyone. Now you can share what you see with every user in the world on KlickPoints. You can put the photos you share on the world map, and anyone can see them when they explore the map and check the location where the photos are.
A major feature of KlickPoints is the photos have to be taken real-time on the spot when they share. Users have to attach their photos to a specific KlickPoint which is essentially a gathering point of photos. Any users can create a new KlickPoint and give it a headline describing it's focus. When sharing photos, users can either create a new KlickPoint or attach them to existing ones.
Enjoy exploring the real-time world on map together.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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