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LED Banner Display is a funny tool and you can display any text you like as your name or support words on your screen board in LED Glow lights!
This LED Banner Display also support live wallpaper. So you can set your name or motto and show this blinker on your home screen. Isn't it amazing!
1. Support Live Wallpapers;
2. Able to change color, stickers, flashlight, font size and char size;
3. Able to control the scroller direction;
4. Easy and powerful for using;
5. Simple and colourful hd interface.
6. Completely free to download.
7. Add widget so you can configure Led live wallpaper easily.
Where to use:
1. Use this
LED Scroller Banner as glow stick to support your idol in vocal concert!
2. Scroll your words you want to say or name text to support your friends or teammates!
3. Display this led blinker as an advertisement to your customers!
4. Led party light for fun!
Hope you will enjoy led banner display wallpaper.
All feedback is welcome. Thank you!

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Version: 2.2.0

Requires: Android 4 or later


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